Mission statement

Cloak and Dagger's primary objective is to create feature films. Between our staff producer and trusted collaborators, the films we develop are not restricted to any genre or style, however, the projects about which we are most passionate are those that tell a deeper story than just the one you see on screen. While we write and develop projects from within, there are many great stories waiting to be told. Cloak and Dagger is always willing conspire with other filmmakers on any level from basic consultation to full producorial roles to bring your features to light.

For smaller projects or specific needs, our production or post-production services are available to help you bring your cinematographic dreams to life. Drawing on years of experience in many areas of the industry, we can help you achieve your development, production, and post-production goals. We possess a Cannon 5D-Mark II and basic grip and electric equipment as well 4 Sennheiser lavalieres and, in short, all the essentials needed to run a small production. Additionally, if your project requires resources beyond what we have in house, we have strong relationships in the industry on which to draw so we can accomplish whatever is needed.

Finally, we boast an expertise in post-production and finishing. We have a fully equipped Final Cut Pro off-line edit suite, and our history in finishing makes smoothing the transition from offline to finishing our specialty. In essence, whatever film services you require, whether they are in production, post-production, rentals, or all of the above, Cloak and Dagger can help you illuminate the dark corners.

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